When I went to prison I thought my life was over. Little did I know it was just about to begin. I was a teenage mom with four children and I was living a reckless life style, manipulating people, lying to my family and displaying irresponsible and reckless behavior's in front of my children. ( One of many lifestyles that end you up in prison) I didn't realize this; in the midst of my actions; I didn't see I was doing anything wrong....When I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior, that is when he began to show me the things that were wrong in my life. I am learning everyday the right things and without the support and encouragement of The God of Hope ministry and all the others who contributed to sending the Word into the spiritual and physical prison I was in.......I NEVER WOULD HAVE MADE IT...... My family has been restored and I own my own business and founded this ministry to give back and help those who are where I was. The ones that may think "they are never going to make it".         CMP