• Pray and encourage families of incarcerated to be involved and stay together 
  • Help find housing for those being released from incarceration (application below) 
  • Arrangement for transportation from facility to housing upon release 
  • Guidance, structure and accountability for life skills and healthy living for parolee and probation 
  • Management for compliance with probation and parole upon release
  • Program for Encouragement and support to families and friends of victims of bullying "DARE to CARE"
  • Resources for churches, bible studies and spiritual fellowship
  • Send Care Packs to children with incarcerated parents, based on donations and supplies available
  • Send monthly cards, letters, inspirational stationary and bible studies to the incarcerated
  • Advocate for Prison Fellowship (dedicated to prison reform and re-entry)

They've been imprisoned (spiritually and physically). They are broken and need to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Help us to reach out to them and show them that Christ is alive and he will walk them through this journey. They can not do it alone.

After they have decided to accept Christ in their lives they will need positive support and guidance to keep them steadfast in their walk as they mature in their faith. Often times they have lost all hope and self worth. With your help and ours we can guide them to restoration. So they can walk their sentence and out with Jesus Christ.

It seems like a long road home when you are separated from God. No matter how long their sentence is, when they accept Christ to be their savior; they will never walk that road alone. They are set free even behind physical bars. Making their transition back to society a more positive one!